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Mind Your Hero | Personal Branding

I am so excited to debut Mind Your Hero’s branding session on the blog! Mind Your Hero is a brand all about transforming people’s mindsets to help them achieve their dream life – magic! Mind Your Hero has a range of gorgeous guided journals, as well as digital online courses and coaching.

Kylie, the lovely founder of Mind Your Hero, started this business as a passion project with her wanting to teach others how mindset is the key to achieve anything you desire. It has absolutely snow-balled since conception, with Kylie taking the business full time next month! How’s that for inspirational?

Kylie’s brand words include magical, introspective, mindful, enchanting, and, calming – spot on! We split our session between the Modderfontein Nature Reserve and beach hopping in Ballito which was the perfect setting to tell the story of Kylie’s brand.

I asked Kylie a few biz-life questions and here’s what she had to say:

How do you achieve work-life balance?

Self care. Journaling, meditation making time for things that feed my soul. When I work from a place of alignment everything flows and I get more done. It is challenging still having a full time job but that is why I have accountability groups.

What are your productivity secrets?

Intention setting. Making a list of my biggest priorities and doing those first. Always asking myself “Is what I’m about to do going to bring me closer or take me further away from my bigger vision?”

What was your very first business venture?

Making dream catchers and selling them at school in grade 6. I was also always involved in market days selling teddy bears that myself, mom and grab used to make. I think I was around 8.

What was the best piece of advice you ever got?

Best:Start where you are with what you have. Clarity will come from taking action and you will only know the next steps of the ‘how’ once you start.

Do you have a favourite book?

Ooo this is a tough one! At the moment “You’re a badass at making money” – Jen Sincero

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