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My Celestial Themed Baby Shower

Did you know that you and I, we’re made from stardust? The matter we’re made up of comes from stars that lived billions of years ago. You could even say we’re descendants of supernovasโœจ

This fact has long fascinated me and so has this miracle growing in my belly. That is how we came to decide on a theme for my pregnancy.ย  Everything is star themed, from Little Love’s nursery, to my baby shower, and even my maternity session!

My magnificent mother was in charge of putting together this magical day, a day I will never forget, and one that I’m incredibly proud to share with you. So much thought and care was put into the details of my baby shower and I left feeling so showered with love. Little Love is incredibly blessed to have this tribe who already love this baby so much.

My Star-themed baby shower:

I must make special mention of Pastry Angel who made the most divine cake for my baby shower. It was a pear and spice cake, filled with almond frangipane, iced with a buttercream with a dash of almond. Mouth-watering!

A tradition I have upheld for many years is to always serve rice krispy treats at all of my birthdays or events – so it was such a sweet touch that my mom had organised star shaped treats for my baby shower!

A Taste of Thyme catered my baby shower with the most divine eats. The chocolate brownies and panna cotta were my personal favourites! I can highly, highly recommend Yvette for future events.

As an activity, guests were encouraged to make their own flower crowns. I was so impressed with everyone’s creativity. It was so special to be surrounded by so many blooms.

This bear has such special sentimental value to my family. My great-grandmother gifted to my Ouma when she was pregnant with my mom. My Ouma then passed it along to my mother when she was pregnant with me. At my baby shower, it was my turn to receive this family heirloom and there were many tears shed. I know my Ouma would have adored Little Love!

I can’t wait for my tribe to meet this sweet child of mine. Little Love, you don’t even know how blessed you are to be loved and adored by this group of people!

The Storey Photobooth:

The Storey Photobooth was a hit, as always! If you didn’t know, we offer a digital photobooth as part of our service offering. You’re able to create special memories at your next event by capturing photos, GIFs, boomerangs, and videos, which are available immediately via an online gallery.

Here are a few of our snaps:


A huge thank you, once again to my beautiful tribe. What a wonderful introduction to motherhood this day was!


He counts the stars and calls them all by name
Psalm 147:4

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