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    Bride's Name*

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    Wedding Venue*

    Delivery Address*

    Groom's Name*

    Groom's Mobile Number*

    Wedding Date*

    Wedding Time*

    Wedding Venue Address*

    If you're getting ready somewhere other than your venue, what is the address?

    Chapel/ceremony Location Name (this is especially important if your venue has more than one chapel or ceremony location)

    Reception Name (this is especially important if your venue has more than one reception venue)

    Maid of Honour (if you don't have a maid of honour, one of your bridesmaids I can call if needed)

    Please provide all the names of your Bridesmaids*

    Please provide all the names of your Groomsmen*

    Please will you provide the names and relations of any Flower Girls or Ring Bearers

    Family/group photos*

    In order to manage the time allocated to family/formal group photos as quickly and efficiently as possible (giving us enough time to create gorgeous couple photos for you) please provide a list of the group photos required.

    We suggest that you limit the group photos to a maximum of 10-12 people per photo and a total number of 12 groups for the time allotted. Please remember to not only put down 'mother of bride' but to also provide the names of the people in order for the roundup of the necessary people to be done swiftly. When listing the groups, please submit in the following format:

    Group 1: Bridal couple + father of the groom (name) + mother of the groom (name)

    Are there any guests besides your parents and bridal party who are very important to you?*

    Are there any family dynamics we should be aware of?

    If you could choose only five photos of your wedding day, what would they be?*

    Is there a special hashtag for the day?*

    Is there anything special happening at your ceremony or reception that I should take note of?

    What are you most excited about?



    Make-up Artist*


    Wedding Dress*

    Hair Stylist*


    Bridesmaid Dresses*

    Anything else you think I should know?

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