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Step 3

Yay, it’s finally shoot day! My best advice? Sit back, relax and let the magic happen. No, seriously, all the hard work and preparation is done, now you get to have fun. I’ll be guiding you throughout the entire process and I’ll be equipped with my lamest jokes, ready to have you laughing in no time.


Step 2

Next, we create a shared secret Pinterest board to draw inspiration from. This helps us make 100% sure we are on the same page. I am also able to recommend the best of the best to help support and guide you throughout preparing for our session:
Hair + Makeup Artists
Wardrobe Stylists
Brand Strategists
Career coaches


Step 1

First, we’ll schedule a planning meeting (over a coffee or via a video call) to delve into the essence of your brand: your ‘why’, the meaning of your brand and the plans you have for it in the future. We’ll detail the story of your brand and how it resonates with your ideal client. We’ll also chat about what you’d like to accomplish with your photos and exactly how you’d like to use them (on your website, social media, online ads etc).
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