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4. Memories
I’m an enneagram 4 through and through. This sentimental heart of mine treasures memories, nostalgia, and photographs. My most prized possessions are my family’s photo albums, and it’s what inspires my photography: the idea that I’m helping you create family heirlooms to be passed on for generations to come.

3. Travel
We haven’t been everywhere but it’s on our list! Steven and I live for travel. There is just something magical about experiencing new cultures and cuisines, learning about different ways of doing life, and, of course, seeing the wonders of the world through your own eyes.

2. Duchess
Named after a character in a Disney movie, this sweet little soul makes my day, everyday. Her cuddles and quirks, her playfulness and cat naps – life just wouldn’t be the same without her presence.

1. My Whole Heart

Born fifteen days apart at the exact same hospital, Steven and I both went to school a year early, both grew up in the same neighbourhood, and we both had lunch with (the same mutual) friends after finishing exams in June of 2009 – where we finally met for the first time!

Destiny? I’d like to think so!

We’ve been married for 5 years and Steven is my biggest supporter, encourager, and have I mentioned my incredibly handsome second shooter?

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