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What To Do After Getting Engaged | The First 6 Steps

Hold up, before we begin, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here doing a happy dance for you and your fiancè (that’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?). This is such an exciting time for you both and such a sweet season to be in. Eeek, I couldn’t be more thrilled for you!

Now, I bet you’re asking yourself, “where on earth do I begin with wedding planning”. Don’t you worry your pretty face, lovely, I’ve got all the details down below:

Here are six things to do after getting engaged:

1. Soak it all in

Take a moment to yourselves to soak in all of the magic that has just happened. You have just said yes to marrying the man of your dreams. You’re officially a fiancèe.  BEST. DAY. EVER.

2. Announce your news

Call your parents, or tell them in person. Oh, what fun it will be to recount the details leading up to your man getting down on one knee. Make sure to tell all your loved ones before announcing your news to social media.

3. Set a budget

Before deciding on anything for your wedding, you’ll want to chat about your budget. My advice? Always budget for more than you anticipate because there are always a few unexpected costs.

4. Decide on your top three

Before you create a Pinterest board with all your ideas, sit with your fiancè and decide on your top three wedding priorities.

These are the things that:

  • You feel are super important for your day.
  • You’re willing to spend a bit more money on.
  • You are both incredibly excited for.

It could be a one of a kind dress, incredible food, and a live band at your reception. Maybe it’s your dream venue, magical photography, and flowers aplenty. This really helps when overwhelm hits and you’re unsure of which decision to make.

5.  Pick a date

Consider seasons, weather patterns, public holidays, and the cost of flowers (getting married anywhere near Valentine’s or Mother’s day? Expect flower prices to sky rocket).

6. Book your venue and photographer

Venues and photographers are generally booked out a year in advance, so once you have these two booked, you’ll be able to plan the rest with room to breath.

  1. S. When booking your photographer, remember, not every photographer will be the right fit for you and that’s okay. Consider their shooting style, their editing, their personality. Make sure everything about them resonates with you. My way of doing business is quite personal. I like to really get to know my couples and love it when we end up as great friends after their wedding.

And, there you have it, the 6 most important things to do after getting engaged. Who’s excited?!

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